The enigma that is Malaysia – new gems await discovery

Just when we think we know Malaysia, we discover a new layer. Then another, and so on. Those who presume Malaysia’s strengths are limited to its legendary cuisine, shopping, wildlife adventures and unique mixture of cultures are in for a huge and pleasant surprise.
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KTM’s new 690 Enduro R- not for the ham-fisted

Sharing many components with also-new 690 SMC R, KTM’s new 690 Enduro R is every bit as niche as its supermoto cousin. In fact, off-road suspension and bigger, more suitable wheels are the only substantial alterations.
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We focus on eco products that make business travel a little more sustainable – because, let’s face it, there’s no Planet B.

Be. – world’s first battery-free powered toothbrush; Allbirds – New Zealand sheep shoes; ECO-Nu by Samsonite – the trash to trolley case; Hidrate Spark – no more passing out from dehydration: Splash – ditch the tiny plastic bottles for a refillable sanitiser and Canopy – the zero-waste screen protector
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The romance of a South Seas trader- Aranui 5 connects remote islands

One of the most iconic trips in French Polynesia is a two week cruise aboard the Aranui 5. This 126m-long  passenger freighter spends its year doing around 19 return trips from Papeete out to six inhabited islands of the far flung Marquesas group, delivering and picking cargo as it goes around. 
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Gwinganna – a secluded wellness retreat for business – or self

Each week guests arrive to a secluded wellness retreat in the Gold Coast hinterland to switch off, slow down and be immersed in a dedicated wellness environment surrounded by nature. Set on more than 200 hectares of pristine hinterland, with the largest land space of any Australasian retreat, yet with just 64 guests, Gwinganna is a retreat like no other.

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