Porsche Panamera 4S
a 911 with four doors

It is fair to say that car manufacturing has ramped up in the last five years. The surge of new models could be easily mistaken for an arms race, but the news is not all bad.  
The model volume race could be robbing manufacturers of their founding identity, however it is amazing to witness what some old fashioned innovation is yielding.  
When brands like Porsche were in their infancy it would have been sabotage to try and build a four door sedan or an SUV. Their foundations were well advanced building “flyline” sports cars. At the time, no one could have predicted that the sports car maker would turn to SUVs and luxury four door sedans - and one day have a presence in almost every class of vehicle.  
Porsche have used all their knowledge, experience and engineering expertise to maximum advantage and created the four door saloon that has made it to a second generation. At this point, it is safe to conclude that the new Panamera 4S is a 911 four door.  
They have given the Panamera its own name for a good reason. It doesn't need 911 in the name to realise just how well engineered the chassis is. At the first corner, turning in and accelerating followed by a quick glance over the shoulder is the only reminder needed that we’re driving a four door sedan with luggage space and all wheel drive. Throw in cooled seats, trending technology, piano black panel surfaces and we have a luxury sedan that will leave us torn between driving or being driven. Exploring the back seat is far from brief as occupants are greeted with a 7-inch panel that controls air conditioning and the entertainment system. The rear seats are mounted low for maximum headroom and are the perfect cocoon for a long trip.  


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